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Root Canal Therapy – Auburn, ME

Relief in Record Time

Root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded treatments in dentistry, but that is only because most people have misconceptions about what it is. In fact, root canal therapy is designed to relieve pain, not cause it. It is often necessary to save a damaged tooth from extraction and enable a patient to enjoy sound oral health. On this page, you will learn more about what root canal therapy is, why it is sometimes necessary, and how you may benefit from it.

3 Reasons You Might Need a Root Canal

There are many reasons why root canal therapy might become necessary. Three of the most common are:

Only a dentist is truly qualified to diagnose the need for root canal therapy. However, it is possible that you need this treatment if you are experiencing a severe toothache, one of your teeth is darker than the ones around it, you have a pimple-like sore on your gums, or you recently experienced a dental injury.

What to Expect When Getting a Root Canal

Patient giving thumbs up after root canal therapy

Our team places a great emphasis on patient comfort. Anesthesia, and perhaps sedation, will ensure that you feel little to nothing while your dentist is working. During the procedure, your dentist will use special instruments to clean out the infected tissue in the innermost chamber of your tooth. They will also remove the tooth’s nerve. Then, they will fill in the tooth with a special material to help it maintain its structure. After your treatment, you may experience some soreness. However, you should feel much better in a relatively short period of time.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Man enjoying healthy smile thanks to root canal therapy

Root canal therapy offers numerous benefits, including:

Understanding the Cost of Root Canal Therapy

Piggy bank on top of teeth against blue background

The cost of your root canal therapy will depend on a few factors. Insurance, the extent of the procedure, and whether you opt for sedation can all have a bearing on your financial obligation. Some patients opt for a tooth extraction instead of root canal therapy because an extraction costs less upfront. However, a root canal is a better long-term value because it preserves your natural tooth and spares you from having to pay for tooth replacement in the future.

Do you suspect that you need root canal therapy? Contact us right away to schedule an emergency consultation. We are ready to help you find relief from your tooth pain!

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